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Despite all our years spent in health care, neither of us has ever seen such a challenging environment as the current one. The complexity that our medical staff and administrators face in order to deliver high-quality patient care and outcomes, in the back drop of relatively meager resources, funds and infra-structure, is an all time high. I have had the privilege to collaborate for more than a decade with the extraordinary people affiliated with health and hospital sectors and the community it serves. We shared a vision for our future. We see a physical plant that accommodates modern tools, and treatments that improve health outcomes and that allows us at the same time to care for large number of patients in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner. My experience while working with the government, with the people and private sectors over the years has made me feel the following;

Basic and preventive health is a lot more common sense and hygienic practices, rather than a truly professional service. Empowerment of the community in carrying out their own health responsibilities should form the basic essence of public health programs in any developing country. Hence, Health care should be looked upon as a service, which is every-one’s responsibility. People should take ownership of their own health and should not demand it only by virtue of their right.
Therefore, Health cannot be effectively imposed upon only by a team of salaried and paid health missionaries, which forms the back-bone of health system in most of the countries. People from within the community, need to take up this responsibility of providing Health to all. In fact, ordinary person, provided with clear, simple information, can prevent and treat most of the common health problems in their own homes, faster and often better than doctors do! And therefore Basic medical knowledge should be made as simple as possible so that it could be freely shared with every-one and does not remain a complicated guarded secret of a select few. Continuously educating the community in taking care of their ailments on their own with simple steps and making them aware of when and what intervention is required by a trained professional, is probably (or certainly) the only way we may achieve milleneum development goals.
The stress shall be on providing deliverable health services to the common mass based on the infrastructure and resources available in the country concerned. Excellence in quality and standards that can not be made available due to want of resources and infrastructure is not consistent with the prevailing situation in our country. For a common poor or rural dweller, it equates to getting him a “sanjivini from moon”. While actively striving and pursuing for world class quality standards in health care, we should not forget what is practical, what is possible and what is to be put on hold till we are ready with required resources and infrastructure at the most peripheral unit. Meanwhile we need to re-structure our medical knowledge and deliverables based on available resources, finances, man power and infrastructure, in such a way that it could be deliverable to all those who are in need of it.
While our ultimate goal is to deliver world-class healthcare by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of medical excellence and patient care, we should not forget we are not yet prepared for it in terms of resources and requisites. Our mission is to bring quality health care within the reach of every individual- poor or rich- We are committed to achievement of innovative means to deliver reasonable and justifiable healthcare for the benefit of the society. – We are committed to achievement of innovative means to deliver reasonable and justifiable healthcare for the benefit of the society.

In 2010, as we begin this new decade, our plan for the hospital is realistic and, as always, it is ambitious. We have set ourselves the mission of creating re-structured standards of medical & service outcomes that may help and save large numbers of our needy citizens, rather than helping only a select few in pursuance of excellence. Our focus is to first become a care provider for the common mass, and then pursue for excellence for the select few. And to achieve this goal I am in the process of re-structuring the scientific medical knowledge and education by creating a series of books on health care for health professionals in such a way that the knowledge of these books can be freely disseminated to the common mass.As 21st century approaches we stand committed to building a group of medical professionals with whom we will create an environment that protects and nurtures our future generations.

‘Caring for you… for life’ is what RINCHI is here for. We are aiming high. Our community deserves that. Regardless of the bumps in the road, those of us who serve a community as diverse and dynamic as ours must be optimists as well as realists. Our growth, optimism, and drive to create excellent outcomes, while providing expert medical resources and a high level of service, continue to attract like-minded professionals who share our mission. On behalf of each member of our team, we can report to our community and patients that RINCHI is ready for the next decade.